Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Have an Announcement!

I promised news today & here it is. I've been thinking about changing my blog for a while and I've finally done it. Some of you know that I also have a photography blog. I used to have a family blog but it sort of died out. While it's been fun having each of these blogs, I felt it was time to combine and have one.

However, if you are only really interested in the ideas I post about at Raising Memories, don't worry- you can still subscribe to the RSS feed for just Raising Memories posts. (You don't have to get updates about my life, my thoughts, and my photography if you don't want to!).

So, head over to my new blog and check it out. Click on "Subscribe" and choose which feed you're interested in (Photography, Raising Memories, or the whole blog), and we can all resume our regular blogging :)

1 comment:

  1. HAPPY BELATED Birthday!!!!!!! I think you'll love just having ONE HAPPY place... I used to have a website and blog---the moment I put them together it was GLORIOUSLY easy to write and post. I look forward to seeing your new blog home. Hope your bday was GRAND!!!!!!!!


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